Profitable Perio Online Bootcamp

Forget about the cost of gas or airfare or hotel rooms, we’re bringing the CE to YOU!


Here’s what you’ll get from the Profitable Perio Online Bootcamp
  • 6 one-hour webinars you can access from the office, home or on your mobile device plus 4 hours of bonus content
  • Up to 6 hours of self-instruction CE for each active participant (AGD code 490)
  • E-workbook full of checklists and step-by-step systems to walk you through the course and help you implement fast. You can print one for every team member if you would like.
  • Action plan at the end of each session to help you move forward
  • Indefinite access to this course via secure portal for current and future team members
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“We’ve only been open 2-1/2 months but with the education we received during the Profitable Perio Online Workshop, our perio percentage is already over 50%!” Dr. Howie Polansky Austin, TX


“My staff has enjoyed the program and it has inspired them to raise the bar even higher. I give Profitable Perio Online Workshop a raving fan endorsement!!” Dr. Daniel Woodson Forest Hill, CA


“The Profitable Perio Online Workshop is outstanding, invaluable and presented in a way that is to-the-point.  Any practice can implement what they learn right away.” Kathy Cigno Greendale, WI

Did you know that most dentists are leaving at least $500,000 on the table every year because they fail to implement a comprehensive perio therapy program?

Are you one of them?  Let’s take a look…

  • 1 Doctor, 2 Hygienists
  • 2000 active patients
  • 20% have active periodontal disease = 400 patients

Let’s say that those 400 patients need very conservative perio therapy:

  • 2 quads site specific therapy = $400
  • 2 sites local antibiotic per quad = $140
  • Full mouth series xrays = $120
  • Comprehensive Perio Exam = $70
  • Homecare Products – $125
  • 4 Perio Maintenance visits/year = $500
= A whopping $542,200 the first year!!

And this doesn’t include new patients or the advanced care you could deliver by incorporating laser or antibiotic therapy and genetic and bacterial testing.  This is just YOUR cost of not having a comprehensive perio care plan in place.

Think of what it could be costing your patients, including an increased risk for:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Poor pregnancy outcomes
  • Periodontal bone loss and tooth loss

What would you rather do to get the training for your team to double, triple or even quadruple the amount of perio therapy you’re delivering?  What if you could get that training without leaving the comfort of your office?



"We are so excited by the results we’ve seen after just the first three weeks into your Profitable Perio Online Workshop. The content of the course and the quality of the speakers are outstanding. We are happy to recommend this course and your coaching to any dental team that wants to step up and take their practice to the next level."—Kathryn Gilliam, RDH for Michael McCollock, DDS - Katy, TX



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“Before working with Inspired Hygiene, we didn’t have a clear system for enrolling and treating patients with periodontal disease. I had seen our perio percentages drop every year for 3 years and I knew it was time to do something. We have a great team and needed new perio information and systems. Despite a very busy hygiene schedule and economic challenges in our community, we tripled our perio percentage and our hygienist’s hourly production increased by over $60/hour! And all of this occurred within 3 months of the first visit.

We were surprised at how easily our patients accepted treatment when we had the specific skills to educate and enroll them. And we’ve seen dramatic improvements in our patients’ overall health! As a result, we are being recognized by the local medical community with referrals and requests for consultations. I strongly recommend Inspired Hygiene’s programs!”

— Dr. Mark Braydich - Hubbard, OH



Your Presenters for the Program



Upon completion of the Profitable Perio Online Bootcamp, attendees will...


  • Create consistency by getting the entire team on the same page with a common perio standard of care.
  • Gain ideas for new products and services to add to your perio program to make it more complete and productive.
  • Identify strategies for overcoming the obstacles that may be holding you back (like a too full or too open schedule, patient objections or out-dated beliefs and mind-sets).
  • Develop systems to reduce hygiene open time as you increase your effectiveness with diagnosing and treating periodontal disease.
  • Implement a system to increase hygiene production while taking outstanding care of your patients!!
  • Learn the #1 most important tool for increasing perio enrollment in your office and how to implement it immediately.
  • Recognize old beliefs and limiting mindsets that might be holding you or your team back from taking perio to the next level.
  • Discover your own ‘why’ to keep you committed to implementing a new perio system.
  • Practice the basics of perio coding taught by one of dentistry’s top insurance experts.
  • Initiate one simple shift in your diagnostics that will double perio enrollment instantly.
  • Understand what’s included in Perio Maintenance.
  • Explain clearly why alternating a prophy and perio maintenance is not in your patients’ best interest.
  • Develop your own perio protocol or refine the one you currently have with the content in this program.
  • Relate science-based evidence of the oral-systemic link to active periodontal infection and specific life-threatening health problems.
  • Learn key phrases and tips for quickly and effectively explaining the oral-systemic link to your patients.
  • Implement communication strategies to get your patients to ‘own’ their disease and participate in the perio diagnosis process with you.

Take Aways

  • Key words and verbiage for enrolling even your long-time patients into the perio therapy they need to get healthy.
  • Set yourself up for success by controlling your time instead of letting it control YOU.
  • Overcome the fear of enrolling long-term patients into perio therapy…for good!
  • Get excited about stepping out of the ‘prophy trap’.
  • Step into the role of being a true healthcare provider.
  • Verbal skills to keep patients in perio maintenance.
  • Calibrate your team for accuracy and confidence.
  • Utilize checklists to guide you through all the steps of a perio therapy, re-evaluation and maintenance appointment.
  • Determine YOUR current perio percentage and YOUR potential for growth.

“I highly recommend Inspired Hygiene. Our overall practice production has increased 20% each year for the last two years since the training visit. Inspired Hygiene helped us increase the number of LANAP cases we’re performing and my entire team is on the same page with regard to LANAP enrollment, support and patient education.”

— Dr. John McAllister - Downey, CA


If you’ve known for a while that you need to boost your perio program or receive an update on the new perio science and what the systemic link really means, this is the course for you.


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