But Do the Changes Really Stick?


Recently at the AADOM annual session, I had the chance to catch up with IH clients Dr. Gerner & Tracy of True North Dental in NY. Dr. Gerner made a point to come up to me in the crowded hall and here’s what he shared.

The systems Inspired Hygiene brought to our hygiene team have really stayed in place. Before working with our coach, Jamie, hygiene averaged around $90/hr and they are now consistently at $130/hr. We are very happy with the results. Thank you Inspired Hygiene!

This always warms my heart. If you’d like results like this in your practice, schedule a complimentary strategy session to see how we can help.

Has Your Hygiene Department Been Left Behind?


We see it all the time. The doctor(s) have invested lots of hours and money in high level CE to take their clinical skills to the next level.  These are the doctors we LOVE to work with. They value clinical excellence.

And yet, there’s often a gap in the practice. This gap is the difference in the clinical effectiveness of the dentist and that of the hygiene team. 

It’s not anyone’s ‘fault’. It’s an oversight that often goes unnoticed because the practice is busy and everyone is working day to day to keep it moving forward.

We see this gap show up in many ways:

  • Hygiene equipment is out-dated or worn out and it’s affecting clinical results
  • Under-diagnosed periodontal disease
  • Hygienists aren’t on the same page with diagnosis & treatment planning
  • The team has forgotten that offering optimal care is just as important in the hygiene op as it is in the doc’s op

If you feel you’re experiencing this clinical effectiveness gap, give us a call. We’re here to listen and see how we can help.

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of your hygiene department, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.