Bring a Hygiene Rock Star Event to Your Town


When is the last time you received any LIVE PATIENT hands-on training? How often do you get to have a clinical trainer show you how to properly use new equipment, ultrasonic inserts or tips before you actually purchase them? If you answered “not since Hygiene School” and answer yes to any of the following:

Suffer from time management issues from doing too much hand scaling
Patients refusing ultrasonic use due to sensitivity
YOU do not feel confident and comfortable with using an ultrasonic for anything other than calculus removal and/or perio therapy
……then we have an event for you!

Watch this short video and learn more about how YOU CAN HOST YOUR OWN ROCK STAR RETREAT IN YOUR TOWN!

Also, watch this testimonial from one such Rock Star hygienist after attending this event in Rochester, NY.

[Worksheet] What are your hygienists good at selling?


I was recently asked to be a guest on Dr. Paul Etchison’s popular podcast ‘Dental Practice Heroes’.  Dr. Paul asked me a very interesting question… 

Is it really in the practice’s and patient’s best interest for my hygienists to spend so much time enrolling fluoride and other ‘products’ OR would that time be better spent enrolling needed restorative treatment?  

We pulled this question apart and talked about…

1-How team members can help each other develop treatment enrollment skills 

2-What’s the best use of your hygienists’ time 

3-A tool I’ve developed to help you determine your teams’ areas of skill for enrollment and where they would like some help

I encourage you to listen and bring this concept and worksheet to your next team meeting.

Inspiration from Iowa


Great teams with great success are an inspiration to all of us who are on a mission to save lives by treating periodontal infections!

Take a look at this team from Coralville, IA and pause for a moment to celebrate their success and acknowledge their passion to help their patients live healthier lives.

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of your hygiene department, request a complimentary Discovery Session.

Are you about to have a blow out?


Have you ever had a flat tire? You know that feeling when you’re going down the road and something just doesn’t feel right and then all of a sudden…blow out! You have to pull off the road and get help.

I’ve developed a tool to help you identify where you may be at risk for a ‘blow out’ in your hygiene department or at least where you might want to put some attention. Check out this week’s video. This would be a great exercise for a team meeting.


If you’d like to learn more about the potential of your hygiene department, request a complimentary Discovery Session.

What’s your fortune?


I’d like to share my recent ‘fortune’ with you in this 2 minute video with the hope that you will be inspired to stay the course and never give up fighting gum disease!