Not Your Average Truck!


About 4 months ago a private client from Virginia called to share with me his new idea.  The passion from his heart could be felt over the phone.  After he shared his idea, I responded, “you want to do what???”.

Watch this video to see how he combined his passion, love for community service and his business into marketing genius.

Getting Started with Priority Care Blocks


Are you trying to figure out how many perio therapy Priority Care Blocks to put into your schedule? Watch my short video where I share easy ‘tips and tricks’ on getting started with a successful perio therapy scheduling road map!

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of your hygiene department, request a complimentary Discovery Session.

Inspire the Entire


As we embrace the New Year, I want to remind everyone that Inspired Hygiene is not just for Hygienists. We provide coaching for the entire team.

Watch this 5-minute video to get the inside scoop!

Contact us to set up your personalized ‘Get Acquainted Call’.

Let us help you make this a ‘patient centered’ New Year!

Get what you want this year


I hope you had a fun & restful holiday season!

In this video, I am excited to share with you exactly how I set goals for my personal and work life. I’ll share some slight tweaks on goal setting that have made a big difference in my ability to get what I want out of life and business.

I’d love to hear how YOU set goals.

I learned this technique from my mentor, Fabienne. Check out her blog.