Growth in the Midst of Adversity?


Is it even fathomable to expect growth in our practice when we are facing adversity and/or major change? Is it possible to stop our natural tendency to ‘white knuckle’ it until we weather the storm and hope to not have the ship sink?  YES is the answer! See how the large team at Hammond Pond in Boston, Massachusetts is not only surviving major changes and adversity, they are THRIVING!!!


WOW – 7 Million Undiagnosed?


Adult onset Diabetes is a completely preventable condition!  And wouldn’t you know, periodontal disease plays a big role in the onset and the progression of the disease process.

Watch this short 3 min video and learn more about the relationship and what you can do to help your patients!

PS – Download this visual aid; keep one in every treatment room.  ASK every diabetic patient about their last HbA1c score !

Are you walking your talk?


Last week, as I had my 16 year old daughter in my chair, receiving her PAST DUE recare, I thought to myself “am I past due as well?” Sure enough, I was almost 8 months over!

During her exam, I mentioned to my doctor how hard it was to believe that we were both overdue and how it seemed like we both had just had our teeth cleaned (sound familiar?). He then mentioned that he hadn’t had his teeth cleaned in quite some time as well! I thought to myself “here we are, constantly encouraging and even sometimes preaching to our patients about the importance of regular dental visits and we, the dental care providers aren’t even walking our own talk!”

We do everything possible to help our patients stay on track and receive high level care, and we are often neglecting ourselves and our own family’s health. See below some important questions and suggestions to help you avoid falling into this unhealthy walk.

Are You Walking Your Own Talk?

Between the above mentioned situation last week and working with my private coaching clients, it is obvious to see how easy it happens to unintentionally not “practice what we preach”. Another words, are there holes in our own philosophies? Here are some questions to ask yourself and some “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” to help keep you and your team in stride with WALKING YOUR OWN TALK.

  • Can YOU look yourself in the mirror and say that you are following the same daily homecare recommendations that you give to your patients? Day in and day out we are educating our patients about the importance of good oral health care, how healthy are your tissues and bone levels?
  • Are you past due for your hygiene visit? Start prescheduling the next hygiene visit just like you do for your patients. This helps avoid the quick “drive by cleanings” that often lead to the neglect of good care and chance of not gathering and updating important documents like health histories, full mouth probes and FMX’s. It will also help keep you on schedule with the proper recare interval.
  • Are you diagnosing active disease and following the same treatment recommendations and services for yourself and team that you are providing to your patients? There is a lot of credibility that comes with your treatment recommendations when it is obvious to your patients that you and ALL of your team have healthy smiles and good oral health!

If you or any of your immediate family or team members can’t answer YES to all of the above questions, make it a priority to get everyone scheduled and treated. Get complete and current documentation and treatment recommendations. Give yourselves the same attention to detail and quality of care that you offer your patients and get back to WALKING YOUR TALK!

Can you really THINK your way to success?


“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw

There is so much power behind our thoughts and how our thoughts shape what we do and how we do it. Join me, Kim Miller and our special Hygiene Profits Mastermind Guest, Deanna Robinson and learn more about how your thoughts can improve your business.

Be sure to set aside time to join us on the Webinar, “Think Your Way to Success!”


“Think Your Way to Success”
with special guest
Deanna L. Robinson

Changing how we think can have a significant impact on our professional and personal lives.  Join Deanna L. Robinson and Kim Miller, RDH for this informative webinar and learn how you can have a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you.


During this webinar you will learn:

  • Gratitude is the starting place for more abundance in our lives
  • Shifting our thinking can create productivity & prosperity
  • Shining the light of awareness on suicide and it’s warning signs can change all for the better
  • Small changes in our behavior and thinking can have a big impact inside and out of the office


Deanna L. Robinson is a #1 Best Selling Author, a sought after speaker, President of Dentistry It’s Personal, and CEO and Founder of the nonprofit Personal Impact Foundation, which develops curriculum for Dental, Medical, and Law Schools. Deanna has studied personal development for over twenty years with some of the industry leaders, and been personally mentored by them. She is a Certified Dream Builder Coach, member of Expert Industry Association, Member of NSA Colorado, Certified trainer for QPR – Suicide Prevention, Co-Founder of Conscience Women’s Change Association, and Community School Mentor. She is also an Ambassador of Peace as a result of being an Olympic TorchBearer for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. She can be reached at: or by phone 888.543.1135 for productivity programs, and speaking at Study Clubs and Society Meetings.


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