A Job Whale Done


I know you’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village!’  In our world of Dentistry however, we say, “It takes a TEAM!”  .

team like the one pictured here!

This high performing group at Dr. Stephen Hale’s office in Texas City, TX has pulled together, improved their teamwork, and accomplished some amazing things in a very short period of time!


Areas of
September 2012 –
August 2013


October 2013 –
January 2014


Perio Percentage23%34%47%
Quads SRP/Month34118247%
Sites local antibiotics5 / month25 / month400%
Open Time26%13%50%
Avg Hyg Prod/Day$1,100$1,50036%

In addition to their improved Hygiene stats, look at some of the other things they have accomplished:

  • Increased hygiene production by approximately 29,000 per month – WOW !!
  • Refined periodontal diagnosis and treatment protocol
  • Calibrated with correct probing and treatment planning techniques to ensure consistent treatment recommendations
  • Increased case acceptance for periodontal therapy (scaling and root planing)
  • Dramatically increased use of Arestin
  • Incorporated emphasis on risk factors for the progression of disease and medical systemic links
  • Instituted providing of Gingivitis Therapy
  • Refined time management at the hygiene chair

Let us know how we at Inspired Hygiene can help you reach your goals!  

Quick Video Tip – Can You See Clearly?


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what words would be used to describe your radiographs?

We all know the importance of having good clarity, open contacts or making sure that the apex is clearly visible in order to have a clear picture of our patient’s restorative needs. What about bone level visibility? Are you able to have a good assessment of your patient’s periodontal classification before picking up the probe? Do you feel confident that if you refer your patient to the periodontist that he/she would be able to diagnose off of the images you send?

Watch the video below to see one of the best things I do routinely to be able to see all of the bone levels bitewing after bitewing.

Vertical BWX

Horizontal BWX