Three Hottest Trends for 2012


If you’re like me, you’re trying to balance finishing the year strong at work AND preparing for a fun holiday season.  I have to tell you that our Christmas tree doesn’t look much different than it did here on the lot.  It’s been with us about 5 days and we’ve managed to get the lights on but that’s about it. 🙂

I guess I’ve succumbed to my Mother’s suggestion that we skip the breakable ornaments this year. You can probably tell from this photo that Andrew moves a mile a minute. He’s already destroyed two ornaments and any hopes of a beautifully decorated tree with all my ‘vintage’ ornaments are going to have to wait until next year (or the next).

Anyway, check out the call we’re doing next week with international hygiene leader, researcher, writer and speaker Maria Perno Goldie.  If you’ve ever read a hygiene journal, you’ve heard her name.  Stacy, Maria and I are each going to highlight a hot new trend in treatment technology that you’ll want to pay close attention to in 2012.  Let’s get the New Year started right with new concepts that can truly affect our patients’ treatment outcomes.

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“Hottest Product Trends for 2012”
with Rachel Wall, RDH, BS and Stacy McCauley, RDH, MS and special guest Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, BA, MS

We field questions from dentists and hygienists almost weekly about product recommendations.  Practitioners count on us to carefully assess the research so we can give them the “skinny” on which products they should be recommending to patients and why.

Have you ever wondered if the buzz around xylitol, oral probiotics or pH stabilization is legitimate or are they just examples of hyped dental product trends that will soon fade off into the dental products graveyard like so many others have in the past?

As a special treat for our Mastermind members, we are thrilled to announce a special guest joining us on the call.   Don’t miss the chance to hear international researcher, speaker, author, editor, and DH clinician, Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, BA, MS. What a way to end 2011!

For our final Mastermind call of 2011, we will be presenting a lively research wrap-up of three of the hottest product trends right now in preventive/therapeutic dentistry:
  • Probiotics and their potential role in perio treatment
  • pH stabilizing products and their influence on fluoride and ACP uptake
  • Xylitol’s use and recommendations for caries control as well as emerging research related to xylitol and perio

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The one clinical hygiene instrument that can make or break your success


You may remember a few weeks back when I featured a client of ours, Dr. Holmes in Houston. I’m back here today to celebrate their success and help them refine their restorative co-diagnosis and hygiene-doctor exam process. We’ll be posting a video soon so you can see hear about their results first-hand.

One of the items we observe when we’re in office with a client is their instrument set-up. While every hygienist has his/her preferences, there are a few key instruments that MUST be in every kit. The 2-minute video below will let you know the first thing we look for in the kit and how it can affect your treatment success and tissue response after SRP.

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Every hygiene instrument kit, whether used for a prophy or perio therapy, MUST have a sub-gingival explorer. So often, the ONLY explorer on the hygiene tray is a shepherd’s hook explorer. This tool is NOT designed for subg exploring and calculus detection.

While I learned to use the pig tail explorer in hygiene school 20 yrs ago, my subg explorer of choice is the EXD 11/12 also known as the ODU 11/12 explorer. Having (and properly using) this explorer in every hygiene kit will improve your diagnostic abilities and the tissue response your patients achieve after perio therapy. If residual calculus is not detected and removed, it will affect the success of your treatment. I’ll post another video soon about how to properly adapt this explorer.